Fathers & Sons Fossil Excursion
Photos by LowCountry Fossil Excursions

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Today was a far cry from the usual SC blistering heat. It was only in the mid 50s today with water temp. to match. Needless to say rubber boots was a must. Two father and son pairs came to us from Columbia, SC for a 4 hour excursion. Collectively they discovered over 250 shark teeth to include many nice sized Angustidens and Makos.

Fossil Hunting0001 Fossil Hunting0002 Fossil Hunting0003 Fossil Hunting0004
Fossil Hunting0001.jpg         Fossil Hunting0002.jpg         Fossil Hunting0003.jpg         Fossil Hunting0004.jpg        
Fossil Hunting0005 Fossil Hunting0006 Fossil Hunting0007 Fossil Hunting0008
Fossil Hunting0005.jpg         Fossil Hunting0006.jpg         Fossil Hunting0007.jpg         Fossil Hunting0008.jpg        
Fossil Hunting0009 Fossil Hunting0010 Fossil Hunting0011 Fossil Hunting0012
Fossil Hunting0009.jpg         Fossil Hunting0010.jpg         Fossil Hunting0011.jpg         Fossil Hunting0012.jpg        
Fossil Hunting0013 Fossil Hunting0014 Fossil Hunting0015 Fossil Hunting0016
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Fossil Hunting0017 Fossil Hunting0018 Fossil Hunting0019 Fossil Hunting0020
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Fossil Hunting0021 Fossil Hunting0022 Fossil Hunting0023 Fossil Hunting0024
Fossil Hunting0021.jpg         Fossil Hunting0022.jpg         Fossil Hunting0023.jpg         Fossil Hunting0024.jpg        
Fossil Hunting0025 Fossil Hunting0026 Fossil Hunting0027 Fossil Hunting0028
Fossil Hunting0025.jpg         Fossil Hunting0026.jpg         Fossil Hunting0027.jpg         Fossil Hunting0028.jpg