Foreman Family Excursion
Photos by LowCountry Fossil Excursions

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What another great day of fossiling in the LowCountry. Our "fossil creek" still continues to amaze us. The Foreman Family came to us from Belvedere, SC., for a 4 hour excursion. Many fine Angustidens were found today, including two very rare juveniles. Mrs Foreman won the title of "tooth of the day" with her find, an extremely rare Squalodon double-rooted molar. The weather man caled for rain today, but the rain held off and it turned out to be a great day.

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_DSC0175 _DSC0176 _DSC0177 _DSC0179
_DSC0175.jpg         _DSC0176.jpg         _DSC0177.jpg         _Juvenile Angustiden
_DSC0180 _DSC0181 _DSC0182 _DSC0183
_Juvenile Angustident _Alli'e PERFECT Angustiden         _DSC0182.jpg         _DSC0183.jpg