Sample Fossil Excursion Itinerary



1. Meet at pre-arranged location, at a pre-determined time. (depend on weather/tides)

2. Complete Liability waiver

3. Receive safety briefing

4. Travel to location (location depends on current water levels)

5. Arrive location, receive fossiling equipment

6. Accompany guide to creek/stream/land site and receive location orientation. Oreintation will include location fossil history, formations found, types of fossils present. In addition, guide will demonstrate proper sifting techniques, and best areas within the location to find fossils.

7. Fossilers are released to discover history for yourself... At this point, this is where you pick your own "gold-mine" to discover fossils. Guide will be on hand to assist in identification of all your fossils. PARENTS: You are reponsible for your children, ensure they stay within eye-sight at all times!

8. Wrap up fossil operations and account for all persons.


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