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What we're finding...



A mother/daughter pair from Oregon Found over 300 shark teeth, 2" + Angustidens (precursor to the Megalodon), and even a bullet from the Civil War.


A couple from from Ohio found a spear point age unknown during a fossil excursion in May. This is the first from this fossil location. I have no idea what it's age might be, my expertise is in fossils. If you have any insight concerning this relic, feel free to email us.

A group of 4 ladies from Atlanta, GA, discoverd an estimated 400 shark teeth, a row of four mammal molars (most likely to a Tapir), a large camel tooth, and even a beautiful K9 tooth from a Squalodon whale.


Joanna Moore from Summerville, SC found the most unusual item ever found on one of our fossil hunts, a 1892 S Morgan Silver Dollar. Joanna was sifting for fossils and the silver coin showed up in her sifter.





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